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You’re Still Wrong Mykel's Blog October 2019 or Ewww, Cooties!

You’re STILL Wrong
October 2019 Blog/Column
Ewww, cooties!

It’s a particularly fierce beershit. Explosive... splashing down into the toilet and splashing back up with the ferocity of Antifa at a Klan march. Back up against my ass... my balls… running down the back of my legs…. small brown rivulets.

It must be the alcohol, because it burns like hell. My ass is an egg… cracked open with massive scorching along the crack… from top to bottom.

I fold several pieces of toilet paper and sop up the dirty liquid causing the pain. It works.. for 30 seconds. Then it comes back with a flaming vengeance. Yeah, the explosion was a relief… but was it worth the post-ecstatic pain? I feel the burn.

You know what works? Anbesol. I know it’s called an orajel. But it’s the same “active-ingredient” as in Nupercainal, the stuff made for your ass. It’s half the price and twice as effective. Just a bit of sting in the application… then aaaah.

How many people would use an oral drug on hemorrhoids? That’s dirty… ewww… like a rim job… you can get cooties.

Cooties? Do people even say that anymore? Do millennials even know what cooties are? The Urban Dictionary associates them with a prohibition of child gender mixing. Merriam-Webster says they’re head lice. I grew up thinking that they were a mysterious life force… like a “germ”… that you got if you touched anything “dirty.”

Though the word may be lost, America… and much of the world… is infected by a cooties-like notion of ICK.

Cooties come from any body liquid… or excreted solid. They come from toilets. From nostrils. They drip from penises… slip out of vaginas. You get them from someone touching your food with their skin… or from just touching the same THING someone else has touched.

Capitalism, in its inevitable way, has pushed cooties into the forefront of people’s minds.

I walk from Grand Central into the building that houses my school. In front of the elevator is a Purell dispenser. Purell is some anti-cootie cream that, of course, when used on the skin, kills the weakest cooties, insuring that only the strong survive and reproduce. That way, they can invent NEW cootie lotion that will get the stronger cooties and before long… make cooties even stronger than that.

Why is this lotion in front of an elevator? I can only guess that people figure when they press the button for their floor, they’ll transfer cooties from their fingers to the buttons. Then the next person will catch those cooties. If everyone uses the Purell, the elevator buttons will stay pristine and cootie-less for all riders.

For some reason, feet have an especially high number of cooties. New York, Channel 11 News features a YouTube video of some guy on an airplane, swiping through programs on the back of the seat in front of him. He’s using his feet to swipe. We never get to see his face, or the rest of his body.

Eeeewww! The newscasters grimace.

You know,” says the big one who looks like a heavyweight boxer. Black, shaved head, tough. “I used to make fun of those people who rub down the screens with sanitizing wipes… corner to corner… now I can understand why.”

I agree,” says his somewhat sexy, somewhat Semitic co-host. “After seeing that, I’m bringing my wipes on every flight.”

First, we don’t know if the foot swiper even had arms. Many armless or arm-paralyzed people use their feet to do what other people do with their hands. Eat, type, swipe videos. Check out Cynthia Bloom who has one functioning limb, and see what she can do with it. But feet! That’s disgusting. Cooties.

Now to get to the meat in the midst of the meat and potatoes. The biggest cootie-spreaders is sex. Not only does sex have body fluids, it has skin and pubic hair. Eeeeek. Cooties.

Cootiphobia-- especially sex cootiphobia-- is not limited to one political group, gender or ideology. It is not limited to an age group, religion, or race. The details are different, but the concept is the same.

For Jews and Muslims, pork is UNCLEAN. Among Christians (and many other Americans) jokes about sex or bodily functions are DIRTY. In Japan, the room with the toilet (different from the room with the bath) is DIRTY. You need to wear special slippers when you use the toilet room and change them when you leave. That way, you don’t bring the dirty toilet room into the clean rest of the house.

The Japanese think that public snot-blowing… even if hidden from view by a tissue… is disgusting. For them, it’s better to just snort it back, and swallow than to blow it out.

Among criminals… there lies a hierarchy of cootiphobia. Who occupies the lowest position among criminals? The one where you’re beaten by other inmates... where they shit in your bed…. where they shove broomsticks up your ass. Murder? Dismemberment? Theft from the poor? You bet your scrotum that’s not it. It’s SEX with children. Not the murder of children, but SEX with them.

See? Children are innocent… code for CLEAN. And sex is dirty. That’s the worst.

As I write this, I see a message in my gmail inbox:

See what’s first? “Accused sexual predator”… not liar. And one of the “lies” in the letter says:

LIE: Kavanaugh claimed that "all the witnesses who were there say it didn’t happen."But Dr. Ford's friend Leland Keyser, one of those Dr. Ford says was present, said she believes Dr. Ford's allegation.

Is that a lie? A friend says “she believes the allegation.” That contradicts a WITNESS? A witness is a person who SEES an event. Not a person who believes someone else. My seventh grade English teacher is not a WITNESS to my dog eating my brilliant paper on the relationship of Charles Dickens to my up-coming Bar Mitzvah.

Those who are honest call for Kavanaugh’s impeachment because he “pushed his penis into a woman’s hand” at a frat party more than 2 decades ago. Eeeeew cooties. Even if it’s true… so what?

Though it’ll probably limit my chances for future Supreme Court appointment, right here I’ll admit it. I pushed my penis into a woman’s hand while tripping on LSD... about 40 years ago... when I was living in Chicago.

She said, “No Mykel (it was actually Michael then)” and I withdrew the slimy bugger, rolled over, and tripped out looking at the wallpaper.

Bill Clinton, who, next to George W Bush, was the worst president of my lifetime (except for maybe Harry Truman who dropped the atom bomb (a DIRTY bomb) on Hiroshima and Nagasaki)

1. Signed the Defense of Marriage Act, making gay marriage illegal.

2. Signed the Welfare Destruction Act, making it illegal to receive welfare for more than two years, no matter what your economic situation.

3. Signed NAFTA, which moved US factories to Mexico making things worse BOTH in the US (loss of jobs) and Mexico (depression of wages).

4. Allowed brokerage companies to take over banks, thereby leading to the great crash. Protected money and risky money merged, meaning there was no protected money

5. Was a torture king: agreeing to “Extraordinary rendition.” That’s when some government operatives stuffs a bag over your head and flies you off to some foreign country where they can legally torture you. Clinton and Gore agreed to the first rendition in the ’90s, despite being aware that it breached international law.

6. Was responsible for bombing the Chinese embassy in Kosovo and one of only 3 pharmaceutical companies that existed in the Sudan. This caused massive death and disease from lack of medication.

7. Presided over the murder-by-incineration of several entire families in Waco Texas.

Clinton was impeached… Why? Because a woman named Monica Lewinsky gave him a blowjob in the White House. Eeeeew cooties!

He was a monster, but impeached only because of a blowjob.

I found a cartoon in The Nation that got it. The shocking headlines are all COOTIES. The awful shit the government does is… well, that’s what governments do anyway.

And the headline in today’s USA TODAY is Millions of Women’s First Sex Was Forced” and the forced sex? 56% said they were “verbally pressured.”

The author of the study says “any sexual encounter that occurs against somebody’s will is rape.”

In 2019, “Oh baby, I need this sooo much. I love you. Please! Please!” is rape! That’s crazy! It’s Victorian times again. Sex is DIRTY. It’s got cooties. You need consent to get cooties. And consent doesn’t even mean saying YES. It means… I don’t even know what the fuck it means.

This will go back and forth until the only politician who is cootie-free enough to be elected will be Mike Pence. His wife is his mother, and he keeps the door open when he’s with any other woman. But who knows? Maybe even HE has maybe jerked off once… as a teen.

The solution is clear. The way to get there isn’t. Right now, we still need to shit and piss. But who knows? Medical research may find a cure. Bidets can solve the problem of having to touch that dirty business with your hands or a even a tissue. The super-cootiphobic Japanese have invented a bidet that not only washes… but air-dries the afflicted zone. No touch at all.

[NOTE: One of many things I don’t get about Japanese culture is how clean they are (a soaking bath every night) but also how dirty they are. Bukkake is a Japanese word after all. Enjoying other cultures is part of the joy of my life… and it gives the lie to THE WEST IS THE BEST. Could a Western Country invent bukkake?]

Trump isn’t right about much, but one think he IS right about is how congress is using IMPEACHMENT to get things they can’t get through using the vote. It’s not new. We’ve already seen it with Clinton… The Republicans weren’t happy with Clinton… even though he was the most right-wing Democrat since Andrew Jackson. But Clinton was popular. A good old Southern boy who liked fried chicken and women. How could they get rid of him? Impeachment on cootie grounds.

We’re seeing it now with Judge Kavanaugh. We’ve seen it with Trump and Stormy Daniels. This is Donald Trump… who puts kids in jails, has turned the US from the nation having the greatest profit to the one having the greatest debt… who has eliminated medical care for hundreds of thousands (millions?)… who has pulled out of an international climate agreement… in the midst of a climate crisis. And what is his most evil act? Sex with a pornstar. What’s his most evil pronouncement?

The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive.

Nope. Who remembers that? What everybody does know is:

Grab them by the pussy!

Eeeewwww cooties!

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Try wiping your ass with your smartphone dept: We’re coming to the end of the print era. The Village Voice and Maximum Rock’n’Roll have both met their ink and paper deaths. Between 1990 and 2016 newspaper employment declined to its lowest level since 1978. At least 600 U.S newspapers have gone belly up since 2004.
Yeah, I know that’s what old people do, complain about how things are changing, but despite my blogging, I really do love print. So I’m happy to report that the great German zine ZAP will be returning from the digital grave to PRINT. And, I hope, I’ll be having a column (in English) in that zine. It will be different… more German oriented… than my blog.
Stay tuned here for ordering information. Don’t try to Google it.

Didn’t I already write this blog? dept: If the content of this blog seems familiar, it’s because the situation is familiar. Judge Roy Moore… notorious for placing a monument to the 10 Commandments outside his courthouse. (Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s ass.) Lost an election because he rubbed up against a girl WHILE HE WAS IN HIGHSCHOOL! I wrote about this with the same ideas before. But the world doesn’t change because I write about it. So I do it again.

But there are no cooties dept: The government is suing Edward Snowden for his publication of a book revealing how the government has lied, and caused the deaths and destruction of hundreds of people. Says the government, Snowden signed a confidentiality agreement when he agreed to work for the US Intelligence (sic) community. He has since violated that agreement. The argument is similar to Stormy Daniels, who also signed a confidentiality agreement, but violated it. Let’s wait until the next election to see who gets more mention Snowden or Daniels. Want to put $10 on it?


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