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Hate Crimes or Mykel's Column/Blog for June 2022



Hate Crimes
or You're STILL Wrong,
Mykel's June 2022 Blog

by Mykel Board

Hate has gotten a bad name during the last twenty years or so.
                   – Mykel Board, liner note to the You’ll Hate This Record Record 1983

I don’t hate nobody.
            – John Howard, Grand Dragon KKK, Laurens SC

What has changed is that since the 1990s, the term "hate speech" has expanded like a rapidly blossoming tumor to cover so many things that weren't "hate speech" back then. For example, the word "tranny,” or being against illegal immigration and gay marriage. And back then, a "joke" was not the same thing as an "attack… “Free speech v. hate speech" is an absolutely false dichotomy, and you've swallowed it hook, line, and sinker
                   –Jim Goad

It’s true that I hate black people, but not for being black — it’s because they’re people.
                 Jim Goad

It is inaccurate to say that I hate everything. I am strongly in favor of common sense, common honesty, and common decency. This makes me forever ineligible for public office.
                             –H. L. Mencken

ITEM ONE: On December 14, 2012, white, 20-year-old Adam Lanza shot and killed twenty white school children ages between six and seven at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut. He also killed six adult staff at the school, and his mother. Then he killed himself. Authorities say his motive was unclear, though there is some evidence he was fascinated by the Columbine High School shooting of 1999. The Sandy Hook shooting was not classified as “a hate crime.”

ITEM TWO: On May 19, 2022 white, 18-year old Payton Gendron entered a Tops Supermarket in Buffalo NY. He shot and killed 11 black and 2 white people of various ages. Authorities say he was radicalized by recent posts in the internet. The shooting is classified as a hate crime.

WHAT’S THE POINT? There is a smorgasbord of emotions… but they don’t have equal status in 2022.

LOVE? Me? I’m not a fan of romantic love… It’s usually just a tool to sell movies, a cover for another emotion: LUST, or a cover for its cousin: INSECURITY. But I’ve still got the love

I love my family, especially the black sheep. I love punk rock. I love sex. I love pistachio ice cream. I love the Yankees winning a World Series or a good shoot-em-up with Riki Takeuchi. I love the way mothers pull their little children closer to them when they pass me on the street. I love it more when those same kids look back at me and smile.

LOVE used to have its own crimes: Crimes of Passion, they were called. Katoom! One bullet through the wife and the milkman... in flagrante. Crimes of passion were “mitigating circumstances”… a reason for mercy... not a reason for increased punishment. People understood Love Crimes and felt sympathy for the perpetrator.

FEAR? Me? I’m afraid of having a stroke or getting cancer or Alzheimer's. I’m afraid of crazy people with axes or guns. I’m afraid of being alone for too long… of being stranded with no real human contact. I fear being falsely accused of a crime... Antifa screaming in the background BELIEVE THE WOMAN!

HAPPINESS? Me? Orgasms make me happy. Seeing myself in my relatives makes me happy. (“You know what, Uncle Mickey,” says my nephew. “I never want to get married. I want to be like you… free.”) Riding roller coasters makes me happy. Going to diners… wearing a gangster hat… drinking and eating with friends or strangers… all of that makes me happy.

SADNESS? Me? Human stupidity makes me sad. Seeing people I love acting knee-jerk, illogically, like the masses or the TV news tells them to act. That makes me sad. The deaths of friends or people I admire makes me sad. E-books and name-calling on facebook makes me sad.

I could guess the poor white guy at the elementary school in Connecticut was sad. Suicides are usually sad.

In 2022, the number one emotion is HATE! Me? I hate broccoli. I hate jackhammers. I hate bicyclists who ride on the sidewalk or go the wrong way down one-way streets. I hate pollen in the spring… and in the fall. I hate the way my stomach turns every grain of food into gas. I hate expensive cars. I hate cars that are just trucks in drag. I hate people with hairy legs who wear shorts. I hate the way gray hairs grow out of my nose and I don’t notice them until they’re long enough to cause people to speak to my nose instead of my eyes… like guys who talk to big tits instead of the woman behind them.

I hate people who stand on the walk side of escalators. I hate people who pad down the sidewalk in slow motion texting away on their fuckin’ cellphones. I hate subway passengers who try to squeeze into a car before anyone else has left. I hate people who exploit the word HATE to make a buck. I hate rich people who pay no taxes. I hate pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, and hospitals that make fortunes on people’s sickness.

I hate landlords who foreclose on tenants and put people on the street. I hate mayors who serve those landlords and politicians who say taxes are theft, when the real thieves are the corporate shills filling their campaign war chests.

I’m so filled with hate that a pinprick to my belly would unleash a torrent of hate so big it’d drown a beached whale. HATE is the most common, the most widespread, the most human of emotions. It’s also the most taboo and the most punished.

Are there hate crimes? You bet your white hood there are hate crimes. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were hate crimes. The cop who stopped Miles Davis on the highway while he was driving his Porsche because “you don’t fit the car” committed a hate crime. Refusing to teach kids about race when they themselves know that little Mary Ivory has a very different life from little Brianna Ebony. That’s a hate crime. Red-lining by banks is a hate crime. Purposely misreading “Black Lives Matter” as Only Black Lives Matter is a hate crime.

More hate crimes? How ‘bout sending weapons and “training” soldiers to Ukraine, but not to Tigray? Or worse, opening the US to the free-flow of Ukrainians, but not to the free-flow of Ethiopians… That’s a hate crime. The Texas shooting of eight prostitutes (six were Chinese-Americans) was a hate crime... not hate against Orientals, but hate against sex workers.


Only the ones that make the news.

But what about the other emotions? How come only hate gets special treatment? A lot more crimes are committed because of greed than because of hate. I want that car… your wallet… your wife… your bank account. I want that bank commission… those bragging rights. Why aren’t there special laws against GREED CRIMES?

It’s fashion. Hate is in now, and it gives the authorities an excuse to limit speech they don’t like. They say hate is caused by internet disinformation and radicalization. Stop that, and you’ll stop hate. Facebook and Twitter have been ever-increasing bastions of “hate” censorship. Joe Biden was this close to establishing a Department of Truth in the US government… in the name of fighting hate. Can you say 1984?

In US law, “Hate Crimes” have higher penalties than greed or lust or sadness crimes. Hate crimes don’t deserve any special punishment. A person killed for his wallet or a person killed for his race are just as dead. The invention of special penalties for hate crimes only further divides the educated from the uneducated… those who know what names to call their victims and those who don’t. If a white guy with a gun learns to say “Take that, asshole!” instead of “Take that, chink!” he’ll get off easy.

FLASH TO HICKSVILLE HIGH SCHOOL, 1966. It’s my Far Eastern History class with Mr. Horne. We’re discussing the very beginnings of the Vietnam War. In those days... before parents feared teaching their children how to think.. Mr. Horne would divide the class into those who thought the US should do MORE in Vietnam, and those who thought we should get the fuck out.

Okay,” said Mr. Horne, “I want the war supporters to debate the war opposers by taking sides. I want you to argue for the opposite of what you believe. I want to you learn how the other side feels.”

Fuck, I loved Mr. Horne… I learned so much from the guy. (He wore combat boots to class.) We learned empathy! We learned how other people felt. We learned to criticize our own thinking. I only wish critical thinking… or thinking at all... weren’t such a taboo in 2022.

Ewwww, you can’t teach kids about race or talk about GAY in class. That teaches them people are different. We need to teach that everybody is the same. That’s how we fight hate… by being the same as everybody else.

When we don’t learn to think… to think critically... we have caricatures. Instead of understanding how the other side thinks, we put them in a box, wrongly invest them all with characteristics we don’t like… and then reject them.

All anti-abortionists are against government programs for children. All BLACK LIVES MATTER supporters believe white lives DON’T matter. And the list goes on. We make people we disagree with into HATERS… and then we hate them for that. Fuck, I just hate that kind of thinking.

See you in hell.

LATE NOTE: As I prepare this blog, word comes of a shooting in West Texas. An elementary school… 14 students and a teacher. It appears the shooter was white and the victims were a hodge-podge. I guess that means it wasn’t a HATE CRIME, but who knows? These things change every 10 minutes. I heard the guy with the gun also shot his grandmother. Old people… if that isn’t a hate crime, it will be.

Mykel Board

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Crimes of Pission Dept: Oliver Willis reports that police found a 16-second phone video showing someone pissing into a bag of milkshake mix at Arby’s. It turned out to be the manager of the place. According to the cops, on the day the video was taken, the restaurant sold at least one ice cream float and about 30 to 40 milkshakes. Nobody noticed.

Nuclear Taste Dept: ABC News says A small brewery in Finland has launched a NATO-themed beer to mark the country’s bid to join the military club. Olaf Brewing's OTAN beer has a blue label with a cartoon of a beer-drinking medieval knight-in-armor emblazoned with NATO’s compass symbol.
     The beer's name is a play on the Finnish expression “Otan olutta,” which means “I’ll have a beer,” and the French abbreviation for NATO, which is “OTAN.”
    The brewery owner described the new lager as having “a taste of security, with a hint of freedom.”

Knock knock dept: A Nigerian law website reports on a Peruvian funeral where a woman pronounced dead after a car crash shocked mourners by banging on the inside of her coffin. She had been announced as a fatal casualty after the crash which also took the life of her brother-in-law.
    The woman was placed into a coffin ahead of her funeral. The next day, mourners gasped when they heard knocking at the start of the service.
    Her relatives, who had lifted the coffin onto their shoulders, immediately lowered it and opened the lid to find her alive and peering at them.
    Police in Peru are now investigating the incident, which took place at the hospital where the woman first received treatment. I wonder if the doctors will be charged with a hate crime.

Buy Me dept: Oh yeah, I have a few copies of the You’ll Hate This Record Record left… for less money that you’d expect to pay. Check it out here.

See you in hell, redux,



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