Sunday, April 24, 2016

Another Boring Election Year Supplemental Post:

Stardate 1984+ Captain's Log Supplemental:

by Mykel Board

I shudda known. The worst thing about being an idealist is that those ideals inevitably crash around you, scattering flaming fragments on your clothes, your balding head, your naked eyeballs. The corrupt NY primary is over. The winner was the corrupt presidential candidate. Could it be anything else?

It's been almost half a century since there HASN'T been a Clintonbush somewhere among the top three “elected” officials. President, Vice President, Secretary of State... SOMETHING. I didn't think it would be any different this time. I just DREAMED it would be different. The NY primary awakened me from that dream.

The Banana Republic of America with its 2-family rule is not going to change. Not in my lifetime, nor in Chelsea Clinton's nor in whatever Bush-spawns'. Rosencrantz and Gilderstern, Mutt and Jeff, Tweedledum and Tweedledee. It's over. Three hundred million serfs and two sovereigns.

The outcome is predictable. Those who sit out the next election, stay home, jerk off, finish that six pack... I understand you completely. Voting's in my blood.. like eating matzoh on Passover...So I'm gonna do it. Probably a write in... Sid Yiddish or Bernie Sanders himself. I urge those who do not live in swing states to make sure you don't vote for Clintonbush. Your vote won't mean much in the presidential election, (NO ONE'S vote will mean much in the presidential election) but it'll give you a moral right to say: DON'T BLAME ME. When she drops the drones on Syria or Ukraine.

If you live in a swing state you have to make your own decision. Vote for Clintonbush or take away from her votes. I will not tell you how to vote... you have to make the tough choice. I can tell you that I would NOT vote for her-- even if I lived in Florida. I would not vote for either ruling family in any election... any place... anywhere. In this election, the Republican candidate cannot win, no matter who it is. And even if he did win, it wouldn't be a Clintonbush-- so you get a bonus right there. (Although one of the evil spawn would likely be appointed to some high position.)

For me, it's most important that Clintonbush knows we're not behind her. We see through the tricks... we're victims of those tricks, but we're AWARE victims... not WILLING victims. Writing in Sanders or Sid sends that message. If you're in a swing state and feel you don't want to be responsible for a Trump or a Cruz, I respect your decision, but it wouldn't be mine.

Here in New York (or in Mississippi, or in Oregon, or in Massachusetts or any other “solid red” or “solid blue” state), there's no excuse for voting for Clintonbush. Those of you unlucky enough to be in one of the swing states... you gotta do what you think is right. I don't envy you.


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