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Cliches... or Mykel's March 2021 Blog



 (Mykel Board's March 2021 Blog)



by Mykel Board

You’re STILL Wrong


March 2021 Blog/Column


by Mykel Board

We just have to have the courage to turn against our habitual lifestyle and engage in unconventional living. --Christopher McCandliss

I write this in front of my cheap HP hooked up to an ancient monitor and an even more ancient keyboard. I’
ll squeeze out 500 words before I allow myself dinner and TV.

In the old days, before
numbered impeachments and numbered COVIDs, I watched very little television. Now with scam subscriptions to Netflix, and Amazon Prime… plus the miracle of ROKU… I can’t get away from it.

It’s been years since I sat with a TV dinner in front of a TV. Now, it’s every night I don’t have Drink Club… or a meal with one of two non-cootiephobic friends… one a super-cook… the other a walker who loves to eat out.

King Cuomo... happily
(for me) in trouble for forcing corona-sick people into nursing homes and then lying about how many died there… has just opened the bars and restaurants to 25%... with name, temperature and contact address requirements. I’m Dirk Diggler. I live in Times Square. I can’t fake my temperature. The bars fake it for me.

One thing about watching TV again… Whoa… the commercials. SUVs, car insurance comedy skits, supplemental medicare plans, a few pizza and fast food chains, and lots of razor and vaginal blood-stopping ads.

Not at all like I remember them... not filled with white guys playing doctors… or lawyers… or anything. Are there any white guys at all? Maybe it’s a mix and I’m just seeing it different… fresh eyes.

Google tells me 60% of Americans are white. Let’s say half those are men. So 30% of the commercials should have white guys in them. I watch a dozen commercialskeep track of the honkies… there are 4. 4/12 = 1/3 = 33%. That’s about right! So the problem is me! Just the change in the way I see TV makes me fall all over myself with racial correctness and pity poor whitey.

But wait, there’s more!

One commercial catches my attention above all others. There is a black woman, hefty... in the sexy way black women are hefty...
standing against a plain gray background… hands folded at her crotch. She looks directly into the camera and says,

I never say CAN’T. That’s a word I never use. Anything you want to do, you can do. You’ve got to believe in yourself and….”

Huh? That’s the same crap my father told me when I was a boy. It’s the American ideal. The Nike Just do it. That’s still here? With all this disease and killer cops… They’re still peddling this You can do anything you really want to do shit???


I fantasize kidnapping that lady… forcing her at knifepoint up the stairs
to the roof. Pushing her to the edge.

You can do anything you want? I bet you want to flap your arms and fly as you head down past those windows below. I bet you REALLY want to be able to pigeon down and and rest lightly. You can do it, right? You can do anything you want to do, right?”

Then I push her over the edge.

I’m 5-foot 3-inches tall… pushing 80 years old. No matter how much I REALLY WANT to play center for The Wolves… I CAN’T DO IT. You can do anything you want is a cliché older than I am… more American than a revolution... and it’s WRONG.

There’s another cliche I want to pull the rug from under. QAnon and its pals get banned from facebook, twitter, and amazon. The censorship is so strong that even censorship-free sites are censored by their carriers.

Mykel,” says liberal Lucy, “that isn’t censorship. That’s done by private companies. The first amendment only applies to the government. These are corporations.”

“Yo Lucy!,” I reply, looking at her breasts, “there’s a difference between censorship, free speech and the first amendment. Corporations can
and do censor… same as the government. AntiFa can and does censor… same as the government… one is covered by the constitution and the other by the principle of free speech.”

Yo Mykel,” says Lucy, not looking at anywhere in particular. “Free speech does not mean free from consequences.”

Flash to Pyongyang, North Korea: Kim Jun Un, is explaining what a free country North Korea is. People are free to work, play government-approved games, and say whatever they want to say.

The Pyongyang Daily News is doing “man on the street” interviews to let the citizens know how their neighbors think. Citizen after citizen explains how s/he’d never want to live anywhere else…. How the great leader has built a great nation. One man, Park Sum Nut, says, “Yes, the People’s Republic is great… It’s amazing that one little guy with a bad haircut can create such a strong power.”

An hour after publication... police arrest Park Sum Nut... bring him to Kim Square in the center of Pyongyang. A crowd builds… people know something is up. Park… face bruised and bloodied… is pushed ahead of a phalanx of cops. When they reach an old metal gate, two of the lead cops shove the young man against it… chain his wrists… his ankles. They rip off his pants… underpants. One cop grabs him between the legs squeezing… pulling down on the hanging organs. Another cop has what looks like a sheet full of ground beef. They smear the contents on Park’s exposed equipment. A smell of meat on meat rises in the square square. 

Kim Jung Un appears on a balcony, just to the right... on the edge of the square.

“Now!” he says, “release the dogs.”

The next day you read a quote from the Korean leader. “We have free speech here in North Korea, but free speech does not mean free from consequences.”


If speech has consequences, it’s not free. If you can go to jail for yelling “Fire” in a crowded theater… what happens when there REALLY IS a fire? You’re afraid to tell anyone about it.

I walk up Broadway toward K-Mart. My clothes and plumbing are falling apart during the plague.. I need to shop for repairs. I wear my Julian-gifted plague mask. Other pedestrians super-size their social distance from me.

Look! There’s a 30-something woman… blond hair… sun-glasses in February… and a mask? No, TWO MASKS! I can see from the double ear-straps… one of those blue paper ones... close to her face… then a large black one on top of it. You know this is just the first (second? third?) step. Next comes three masks… Social distancing of 6 miles… bars open for one customer every 30 minutes… time to drink up, pay and leave... restroom closed because you don’t know who touched what in the meantime.

When I get home, I post the adventure on facebook. Why am I surprised by friends who tell me they’ve been wearing two masks for weeks? Some wear a mask at home… even though they live alone. Several my age tell me how they’ve been up all night trying to get a vaccine... clicking the make an appointment button every 10 minutes... for hours. No success. They try again the next night.

One woman leaves her mail in the sun for a day before she opens it… figuring the sun will bake the cooties off the envelopes.

“You can’t be too careful, Mykel,” she tells me.


I walk up Broadway to K-Mart. This is right after the new helmet laws. Pedestrians risk a $50 fine if they don’t wear helmets while walking. Falling snow… construction debris… you never know what can fall from above. Wear your helmet!

Helmets protect YOU!

is the slogan… you see it on all the TV stations, along with the usual imploring:

Stay safe! Don’t ever touch anyone for any reason!

At the corner of Third Street and Broadway I have to wait. The crossing gate has snapped shut just as I reach it. CLANK! Christmas music plays through the speakers while cars pass and pedestrians cross the other way. After two minutes of I saw Mommy looking at Santa Claus (safe socially distant) the gate opens and I cross to the other side.

You can’t be too careful?


See you in hell,

Mykel Board

ENDNOTES: [You can contact me on facebook or by email at mykelboard@gmail.com. Through the post office: send those... er... private DVDs..or music or zines... or anything else (legal only!) to: Mykel Board, POB 137, New York, NY 10012-0003. If you like my writing, you can be notified when anything new is available. Send me an email with SUBSCRIBE in the subject line. Back blogs and columns are at https://mykelsblog.blogspot.com]

>More leisure in COVID dept: The Guardian reports that a Hamburg university is offering “idleness grants” to applicants who are committed to doing nothing.

The University of Fine Arts in Hamburg advertises three €1,600 scholarships to applicants from across Germany. The applicants have to convince a jury that their chosen area of “active inactivity” is particularly impressive or relevant.

The application form consists of only four questions: What do you not want to do? For how long do you not want to do it? Why is it important not to do this thing in particular? Why are you the right person not to do it?

> Too late for Donny dept: The craft site Sticker Mule is offering to change your tweets into framed art. All you have to do is upload the URL of your tweet and the company will reproduce it… large… and give it a wooden frame. The cost? A mere $35… plus $10 shipping.

> You CAN be too cautious redux dept: According to a Sept 2020 Washington Post story (strangely under-reported ), more than 134,200 people died from Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia since March. That is 13,200 more U.S. deaths caused by dementia, compared with previous years.
A Washington Post analysis of weekly death data from the CDC found about 13,200 excess deaths due to Alzheimer’s and dementia.
Says the Post: Overlooked amid America’s war against the coronavirus is this reality: People with dementia are dying not just from the virus but from the very strategy of isolation that’s supposed to protect them. In recent months, doctors have reported increased falls, pulmonary infections, depression and sudden frailty in patients who had been stable for years.

> Thanks dept: I want to thank my sister, Gayl, for putting me on her Amazon Prime account, and my Guyanese pal, Gavin, for giving me Netflix, and my facebook friend, whose name I can’t find, who sent me the Roku remote and receiver. Ain’t charity wonderful?

See you in hell… again,



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