Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Why I Likely WON'T Vote for Trump (REVISION)

The original posting is below this addenda:

I'm rethinking Trump. Especially thanks to Frank Episale and a bit too toTony Autoharp Arena. Though I could never vote for someone as crass and patently corporate prostitute as Hillary Clinton... I'm no longer convinced that my "message vote" for Trump would be correctly interpreted.
I'm still hoping Trump will destroy the Republicans, but I think he has to do it AS a Republican, in the primaries. I'll most likely go back to my original plan and vote Jew (Jill Stein or Sid Yiddish) on election day. Voting GREEN tells the DEMOCRATS that some of us won't stand for Republican-in-Democratic-clothes nominations. That message is much clearer with a Green vote than with a Trump vote.

Why I'll Likely Be Voting for Donald Trump

  1. I'm a Bernie Sanders supporter... a socialist. Bernie is the best thing that has happened to American politics since Eugene McCarthy... (probably before you were born). I support Sanders because I agree with him on just about every issue. I support him because he speaks for an America that hasn't been heard. Because he isn't and can't be bought by the superPacs, by the banks, by Wall Street, by the Pharmaceutical Industry, by the corporations government is supposed to regulate. I support Sanders because his vision can blast the corporatocracy to smithereens.
  2. If Sanders is not nominated. I will vote for Donald Trump.
I don't (semi-) support Trump for his racism. I support him because, like Sanders, he gets no money from superPacs. I support him because, like Sanders, he's outside the neo-Conservative/Liberal spectrum that has been running the US since Reagan. I support him because he, like Sanders, wants to change the slave-wage jobs shipped to China to Union Wage jobs in America.

Trump is defying the Republican propaganda about globalism, and the evils of Russia. He is fighting Wall Street and the Big Banks... and by so doing, he is taking the average working-class American away from traditional Republican gibberish about “small government” and the joys of International Corporatism. Trump's anti-immigrant rhetoric catches those who've been tricked into traditional Republicanism and teaches them a bit about how the world really works.

The Republicans are teetering on the edge. Time Magazine (as reported in November Issue of THE PROGRESSIVE) reports that "less than 32 percent of the country has a favorable view of the Republican Party, including just 68 percent of people who call themselves Republicans.”

Poor white Americans vote against their own interests because of Republican anti-immigration, anti-Islam rhetoric. Trump is using the same rhetoric... in an even more extreme version... to turn those same white voters back to their real interests. There is a reason Karl Rove is so strongly anti-Trump and it isn't the racism.

Republicans are scared that. Trump has already turned off FOX News in the homes of thousands of working Americans. Traditional Republican rightwing magazine, The National Review thinks a Trump candidacy-- let alone a Trump presidency-- will destroy the Republican Party. If Sanders doesn't win, I'm voting for Trump because I think in this rare case, The National Review is right.

--Mykel Board


Clavdivs said...


I'd dare say that we in our (German) history have gone through some experience with autocratic fascist leaders. How they started, how they took over the country, how they ended.

First thing we learned is how fast hate speech can spread across a nation. Second is, nobody ever knows which part of their agenda they realize. Probably not exactly what the voter assumed. Third, you never know how things turn out. Many of those who supported our Führer from tactical reasons, one day woke up tö find their loved country occupied and destroyed by a Monster. That's the worst of all.

Trump is no Hitler. But like him he is able to poison the nation with his incredible hate. Ugly speech will be normal part of everyday live.

I do hope that I'm wrong. If so I owe you a beer. Or two.

Jonathon Van Gray said...

Assumptions about Trumps agenda kinda invalidates your points. Trump doesn't really "want" anything other than a sloppy national H. Pandering fails to actualize policy, especially when you're that disingenuous...but I'd still vote for Trump because let's just accept the implosion and start over already.

Ryan Uellendahl said...

like all politicians nothing they say during primary time falls anywhere near actuality. who knows what trumps agenda. hilary will actually just do the things trump is talking about now.

tommy said...

Eight years ago you wrote about how you'd hold your nose and vote for Obama for no other reason than he was black. Obama was much like Hillary in many ways. I embraced that idea for his first term. I voted Green 4 years later. How about the idea of holding our noses and voting for Hillary just because she's a woman? In 4 years we can go back to green again.

Mykel Board said...

I voted for Obama BECAUSE he was a Negro... and that was a mistake. He's been awful. I think I learned from my mistake. --Mykel