Sunday, October 02, 2005

My first Post

This is my first attempt at this official blog stuff. I'll be doing more once I get the hang of it. For now, I just wanted to comment on the nastiness of creeping stupidity. Scopes again!! The CREATIONISTS and other morons are out to do to science what Al Quaeida did to the world trade center. I don't know if this'll show up, so here's the link.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to blogging, O fearless Board. We continue to disagree? How can Creationist threaten science when the anti-religionists are keeping it out of the classroom. Remember when freedom of thought was the rallying cry for those who wanted Darwin in the classroom? Now that he is being taught as if he is factual, the doors to alternative opinions are closed.

What about that other school of thought? Well, they have a web site too and it works... unlike the one you posted. :D

Mykel Board said...

Anonymous Bob is right. The link doesn't work. It should be:
http:/ He's wrong about everything else. Although, I have no objection to creationism being taught in schools... in any mythology class. Along side Zeus or Tinkerbell. It just doesn't belong in science. Put it in the classroom, sure. Just put it in it's proper place. --Mykel